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Edinburgh Festival Exhibitions

July 25, 2013 |


Is there a collective noun for exhibition openings? A murder of crows, a pack of hounds, a parliament of owls, a mischief of mice… A schmooze of private views? A bevy of openings? You decide.

I’ve been busy preparing my contribution for Gallery TEN’s festival show Print Fusion. Please come along to the opening on 3 August 2-4.30pm if you’re free. Show runs until 2 September.

Later next week I’ll be helping out at Arts Complex (AC) on the install of a huge summer tenants exhibition, opening 2 August, 6-9pm. Well worth a visit if you’ve never experienced AC’s vast gallery spaces and a unique energy that probably results from the extraordinary diversity of practice within the building. Musicians, artists, designers, makers, writers, web developers, dramatists, dancers and some sharp pool players all share space in an unlikely office block setting. Maybe see you there sometime in August.