A cyanotype from the print series Yield


A cyanotype from the print series Yield developed whilst artist in residence at Hospitalfield House in Arbroath, Scotland

Re-Fuel - a site-specific commission

Re-Fuel: no. 3

One of six images created as part of a site-specific commission to put artwork into the advertising discs on petrol pump nozzles in a Derby service station.

Anatomy of Absence

Anatomy of Absence: no. 16

The Anatomy of Absence print series evolved from a consideration of some of the methods of scientific enquiry I learnt whilst training as a biologist.

The Yamal

The Yamal

In 2005 I was artist in residence on a Russian Icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean on two journeys between Murmansk and the geographic North Pole.

99 - site-specific work, Portobello


A still from time-lapse work developed for one of twenty-six domestic gardens in Portobello, Scotland that were part of the town’s Garden Gallery public art event in 2008.

Fugitive - series of prints


A pressed leaf, picked from a city allotment, subjected to selective bleaching by sunlight as a way of creating text within its form.

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Featured Work

A print, 'Cindy', from my cyanotype series 'Yield' was displayed in spring 2018 at the Lamb Gallery, Tower Building, University of Dundee in their exhibition 'Botanical Conversations: the Science and Beauty of Plants'. I began this series whilst on a residency at Hospitalfield House in Arbroath. 

The exhibition showcased a wide range of botanical material – from intriguing herbarium specimens and detailed diagrams of plant dissections to plant themed artworks.